Cereal and Industrial Plants

  • Seeds
  • Flour milling and grain equipment
  • Equipment for processing and processing oilseeds, cereals, cereals and rice
  • Equipping elevators and mills, automation systems
  • Equipment for off-season storage of fruits and vegetables, grains and root crops
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Weighing equipment
  • Dosing, packaging, bottling equipment and components
  • Equipment, materials, marking, labeling and printing services
  • Equipment for container production
  • Packaging equipment
  • Containers, bags

Fruits and vegetables, storage and processing

  • Seeds, saplings, nurseries
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Storage and processing equipment

Greenhouse cultivation

  • Greenhouses
  • Equipment for greenhouses
  • Covering material

Ornanal plants

  • Scenic plants
  • Landscape products

Feed plants, feed additives and veterinary medicines

  • Artificial insemination
  • Feed for livestock and poultry
  • Compound feeds and additives
  • Vitamins
  • Veterinary medicines
  • Vaccines, serums and immunoglobulins for farm animals and birds
  • Veterinary instruments
  • Equipment and preparations for cleaning and disinfection
  • Pest control products

Agricultural machinery, irrigation equipment, greenhouses, pesticides, planting materials

  • Agricultural machinery. Spare part
  • Fertilizers
  • Plant protection products. Agricultural chemistry

Equipment and technologies for fish farming

  • Construction and equipment of fish farms
  • Feed and biological products
  • Cultivation and processing
  • Cooling and transportation

Equipment for livestock and poultry farming

  • Feed supply and feed production equipment, spare parts and components
  • Equipment for feeding and watering cattle, pigs and birds
  • Milking equipment, installations, devices and components
  • Climate systems for growth. Maintenance and repair products
  • Poultry equipment
  • Manure removal. Equipment and preparations for cleaning, cleaning and disinfection
  • Reproductive. Selection. Equipment for slaughtering cattle and poultry