What is a bilateral job interview?

With bilateral business meetings, companies have the opportunity to expand their business network by sharing their demands and capabilities with the right person in the shortest time. Bilateral business meetings are a result-oriented matching program and are important for promotional and marketing activities for companies and institutions.

Why are B2B meetings necessary at the seed fair?

We give the opportunity for bilateral business meetings to our participating companies with stands at the Uzbekistan Seed Expo fair, which we held in Uzbekistan with the slogan "Life begins with the seed."

Agriculture in Uzbekistan is a growing and developing sector in the Asian market. The main goals of the farmers producing in this market are to see and recognize the new species and varieties demanded by the market and to produce those products. It also depends on the application of new technologies so that seed varieties can yield the results of their characteristics. With this in mind, we will provide the opportunity for bilateral business meetings to provide result-oriented service to our companies participating in the fair.

We will provide all companies participating in our fair with the opportunity to meet with 5 customer representatives suitable for their products.

We wish plenty of profit and success to the companies that will participate in our bilateral business negotiations.