About the Fair

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With the slogan "LIFE BEGINS WITH SEED", we will hold our SEED specialization fair under the name "UZBEKISTAN SEED EXPO" in the Tashkent province of Uzbekistan between 07-09 November 2024.

We have full faith that the participation and interest in the SEED fair, which will be held for the first time in Uzbekistan, will be high.

Cotton and Wheat are strategic products of Uzbekistan agriculture. However, in recent years, industrial plants, vegetables and fruits, greenhouse cultivation, forage crops and animal husbandry have been developing rapidly and production areas are expanding.

Uzbekistan is the center of agricultural production with its soil and climate structure as well as transportation facilities. New techniques and new varieties used in agriculture in Uzbekistan are also spreading to Asian countries. In other words, Uzbekistan is both the visual and market center in agriculture.

Uzbekistan farmers need new species and varieties. Our aim is for this fair to meet these expectations.